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  Background and areas of work

In 1984 I began work as a Relate counsellor and went on to train in psychosexual therapy. I was accredited by COSRT in 1994. I have undertaken a range of additional psychotherapeutic training courses, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), psychosynthesis, transpersonal psychology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). I am currently studying with the Enneagram Institute in the USA and incorporating some of its system for understanding personality types into my work.

This broad approach has helped me to work flexibly with a wide variety of problems in my practice - for example addictions, anger management, anxiety, bullying, debt counselling, depression, domestic abuse, eating disorders, lack of motivation, lack of self confidence, low self-esteem, phobias, stress, time management and work-related stress.


I have focused particularly on work with patients presenting all types of sexual dysfunction, including adolescent and adult survivors of rape and childhood sexual abuse. I am a member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy (CSRP), which is a branch of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I also work with sexual offenders, and in 2015 joined StopSO (Stop Sexual Offending), an organisation that works exclusively with this client group and their families. For more information on psychosexual therapy click here.

In 2006 I relocated from central London, and am now living and working full-time in North Norfolk where I have an established private practice.

 Outside my private practice my work has tended to fall very broadly into four areas:

 Workshops on the broader aspects of psychosexual therapy

I have given a number of talks and workshops both to medical students and the general public on subjects ranging from the psychogenic aspect of erectile dysfunction to creative listening. For several years I participated as a group leader in annual courses on sexual ethics as part of the Diocese of Gloucester training for lay ministry. In September 1999 I led workshops on issues concerning sexuality for the Gloucestershire Diocesan Conference. 

I have contributed to various radio and television programmes examining problems of sexual compulsion and addiction, including Teens Hooked on Porn, a programme for BBC Three broadcast in February 2007 in which I worked on camera with a young addict - click here for more information.

Counselling within the NHS 

In 1992 I was selected as one of four counsellors to work in Primary Care as part of an audited pilot scheme for the mental health team of the Severn Health Authority. From 1996 to 2000 I worked at the Whitehouse Surgery, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, as counsellor in Primary Care for six referring GPs.

  Counselling women with breast cancer 

In 2000 I became a counsellor at Breast Cancer Haven, London, a complementary centre for women with breast cancer. I initiated a support group at the centre which I ran for four years, and also taught meditation there.


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