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Booking and Fees

Booking Arrangements

Each session lasts fifty minutes, and will be charged according to the fees detailed below. On your first visit we will explore what it is you want to work with and make arrangements for further meetings if necessary.

At first you are likely to come to see me on a weekly basis. I am often asked how long therapy will take. It is an impossible question to answer because it will depend on where you want to get to. It is your agenda and you can, of course, stop at any time - but roughly speaking it is likely to last between three months and a year. This may sound like a long time but most people find the process absorbing, interesting and enriching, if at times difficult.

I can work online with Skype - although a face-to-face session is essential at some point, preferably early on in the therapy.

Sometimes it is necessary to do telephone consultations, though I never work entirely in this way. 


Full fee per session
Couple Therapy     50.00
Individual therapy   40.00  

Concessionary rates are available. 


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