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Couples and marital therapy

Most relationships are difficult some of the time. The pressures on couples in modern relationships are huge and this often creates strains to breaking point. It is at these times that it may be useful to seek help from an impartial source, such as a counsellor, who will be able to see both points of view and help negotiate a way forward. 

Couples themselves sometimes have difficulty seeing the wood for the trees, whereas a trained therapist can often see what needs to change - be it an attitude or behaviour.  Learning to rescue and manage situations that create unacceptable tension is a valuable life skill, and with guidance it can be acquired.


Attempting to rebuild trust after an affair, for instance, can be painstaking work but many find it extremely worthwhile. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to restore good feeling, and it may be more beneficial to work towards mutual acceptance of separation or divorce. 

Many couples also seek help simply to improve their communication so that they can enjoy a better quality of relationship.  

For over thirty years I have worked with couples, straight and gay, helping them to gain insight about themselves and each other so that they can make choices about their lives. It is very rewarding work.

While working in London I delivered a 'Preparation for Marriage' course, run as a day's workshop, for a large Anglican parish in Dulwich, London.


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