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Some part of us - whether head or heart - usually knows when something in our lives is wrong or not working properly. Many who seek help have had a growing sense of disquiet and dissatisfaction for a long time leading up to their referral. For others it may be a crisis which precipitates them into therapy. Either way, learning more about who they are and to understand themselves better is a valuable and rewarding course of action.

If something is troubling you, even if it is only a vague feeling of discomfort, you may find it useful to talk to someone about what is going on for you. Having another person give you their undivided attention so that you can explore your thoughts and feelings in a quiet and unhurried way, even though it may be painful and difficult at times, can bring a fuller sense of self and self-confidence.

In the ‘Background’ page of this web site there is a list of the sort of problems I counsel. Psychotherapy tends to be less problem orientated - more about you. You choose what you want to work on and I will accompany you on your journey.


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